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North Kensington and Notting Hill

SARAH BISSETT SCOTT artist and regeneration academic

 Art and architecture are a passion for Sarah. RISE Associates (now RISE Gallery) was set up in 2001 as a consultancy to support community empowerment through regeneration programmes. From experimenting at the Architectural Association's Urban and Regional Planning course,Sarah developed a professional foundation that led to policy appointments at the GLC and SEEDS and then setting up RISE where she continued to engage with people and institutions in neighbourhood growth plans. Later the lessons learned from her experience led to exploring theory about 'spatial justice', blending philosophy, urban design and strategic planning into her thesis.  People and places were the topic for exhibitions of 2012 and 2014 when Sarah returned to her home of 16 years - North Kensington and Notting Hill - to interpret her photographic record of the changes regeneration brings to a community over four decades, and whether these interventions over the longer term can be defined as 'spatially just'.

The current direction of Sarah's academic work is focused on post-Covid futures, and her art is predominantly about portraiture and abstraction - an adventure. 

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